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Hi everyone –

We have a couple of submissions for Glen Echo’s neighborhood sign for Columbus 200. Click the following link (pdf would not preview) to see the first submission: Glen Echo Sign Idea 1. Sign idea #2 is shown below. Please provide feedback ASAP – design selections are due to the city tomorrow.


This has been making the rounds on the GENCA Facebook page – but just in case you didn’t hear, as part of the Columbus Bicentennial celebration, Glen Echo is getting new gateway signage – and you have a chance to design it and tell the city where to place the signs. Not bad, eh? With all the creative energy in Glen Echo, I’m expecting to see some good stuff. Submissions need to be ready by the next Glen Echo Neighbors meeting, so get crackin’. Design guidelines and other support documents are attached.

…is on your porches. See here what we couldn’t print – full color. Click here for the pdf. Happy reading.

All are invited to the next Glen Echo Neighbors Civic Association meeting. It’s happening at 7PM, next Monday (2/13) at Wild Goose Creative. Parking and directions WGC, are here. Erin J. Prosser from Campus Partners will be in attendance and speak about Glen Echo and the North University District. Also, we’ll talk about recent accomplishments and ongoing projects in our neighborhood and take nominations for the GENCA Leadership Committee. Download the detailed agenda for the meeting here. See you there!

The Glen Echo Neighbors Civic Association (GENCA) Newsletter is out now and has a fresh, new design. For folks living in Glen Echo, black & white copies of the newsletter will appear on your door steps in the next few days. For all others, or those who want to see the newsletter in full, glorious color, you download the pdf here: GENCA Fall 2011 – Winter 2012. Lots of progress and interesting events have been taking place in the neighborhood since this past summer, so check it out.

Okay, one last post before bed. A lot of points made at the last charrette lead me toward a conclusion about how we experience places – details matter. Often we point out details that don’t work and we’d like to repair improve – ghosts of painted over graffiti, bits of faded trash, deteriorating concrete and steel, weeds that have made a home in forgotten corners and alleys. It’s easy to forget that Glen Echo and Glen Echo Ravine offer endless positive details – particularly this time of year. Here are are few of them…


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Thanks to everyone who attended today’s charrette. And thanks again to Wild Goose Creative for the use of their space.  Bigger group this time and lots of great ideas shared. I’ll share details of the discussion and brainstorming after I gather all of the notes and drawings.


Agenda for Saturday’s charrette is posted in the black box below. Download and enjoy :-)

Do you live in Glen Echo and need something to do this weekend? How about helping us think about the future of Glen Echo? This  Saturday, we’re holding our second public planning meeting at the wonderful Wild Goose Creative. The plan is to discuss neighborhood issues related to our boundary corridors (Hudson Ave and Indianola Ave) as well as through traffic issues on 4th and Arcadia. Bring your experiences and ideas. In case you’ve never experienced a charrette – and unless you went to architecture or design school, there’s a good chance you haven’t – it’s a way to bring together people with diverse solutions to a problem together to start solving the problem. In this case the problem is loosely – traffic – or, what we can do to help me avoid getting myself  killed crossing Hudson to go to Rumba Cafe. In case you’re not a regular Hudson sidewalk pedestrian, I’ll post some photos of exactly what I’m talking about.

Charrette Details:
9:30 AM – 11:00 AM at Wild Goose Creative, 2491 Summit Street, Columbus.
Saturday, November 6, 2010