Our neighborhood is in the target area for a new program to tint road salt so it’s easier to tell which roads have been treated for ice. Watch for blue roads this weekend.


From: Crabill, Melanie J.
Subject: City of Columbus To Add Color to Its Road Salt

During the upcoming snow event, the Snow Warriors will be testing the addition of a color tint to road salt that will be applied to Columbus streets. The product, Liquitint, will show which streets have been treated with salt (see attached photo). The color tint will be used on some of the collector and residential streets in the following area:

South of Morse Road, north of Fifth Avenue, east of Olentangy River Road, and west of Waggoner Road.

About Liquitint coloring:

– Allows the salt to be easily seen, providing road crews with easy tracking of their snow and ice treatment applications
– Liquitint is not harmful to people (including children), pets or the environment.
– Colorant is designed and highly engineered to be non-staining for pavement, skin, and clothing
– Environmentally-friendly and used in many products approved by the EPA’s Design for the Environment (DfE) program
– Used nationally by many city and state Departments of Transportation (DOT)