Recs and Parks Plan for the Vernal Pool

Recs and Parks Plan for the Vernal Pool

Expect to see some small earth moving equipment and workers down in the park in the next week and a half to two weeks (early October) as Recreation and Parks digs between the third bridge and the bird mural (in the grassy area that is often mushy) for their Vernal Pool Restoration Project.

The Ohio Environmental Council website has a good bit of information about vernal pools. Here is some of what they have to say:

“Vernal pools are dynamic, seasonal wetlands that dot Ohio’s natural landscape. Vernal pools fill up annually but typically dry out during some part of the year. These small wetlands fill with spring rain and snow melt, blossom with life, and host a cacophony of sounds and a plethora of life forms every spring, only to disappear into the forest floor every autumn.

Vernal pools are vital to Ohio’s environment. They:

  • improve water quality;
  • serve as a bellwether wetland;
  • hold flood waters;
  • provide habitat to hundreds of species, including migratory birds; and
  • are an excellent educational tool.”

Once the site is prepared they will be doing native plantings and eventually the pool will be stocked with native frogs.

On a side note, anyone who is interested in identifying the Ohio species we have right here in our park or in learning more about the wildlife right in our backyards should check out the fantastic and free guidebooks by ODNR. We picked some up at the last Bioblitz and my kids love them, as do I. You can pick one up at the ODNR office (2045 Morse Road, Building G) or find them online here.