Neighbor feedback needed! Would a centrally located bulletin board/kiosk help you stay more informed and get more involved in all things Glen Echo? If so, where should it go? What should it look like? Send us an email ( or comment below. And take the poll too while you are here (scroll to the bottom). Unfortunately it would only let us keep it up for a week.

Lincoln neighborhood kiosk outside a local gathering place (coffee shop), Vancouver.

Lincoln neighborhood kiosk outside a local gathering place (coffee shop), Vancouver.

There are several merits to having a centrally located neighborhood kiosk. Mainly, it would provide a central place for finding out and posting information, especially for those neighbors who are not online or who choose not to participate in the neighborhood email listserve: A place for posting lost pet fliers, meeting neighbors, posting the latest neighborhood newsletter and fliers for upcoming meetings or events, or other items that may be of interest to the neighborhood and it’s neighbors. It could be simple or more ornate, it could be made of any number of materials, it could incorporate a bench (or not), maybe a place to pick up bags for your dog if you run out or forgot one or a little free library book exchange…there are seemingly endless possibilities. but first and foremost it would be about building and strengthening community.

Little free library kiosk in Atlanta.

Little free library kiosk in Atlanta.

There are also concerns to consider: maintenance, would it attract graffiti?, aesthetics, is it really necessary….

Whatever your opinion, we’d like to hear it. Is the idea of a kiosk something a majority of neighbors can get behind?

In an effort to provide something to respond to, I will be posting examples from the interwebs and from around Columbus as I find them.

(If you have pictures to add to the discussion, you can email and I will add them as time allows. If they are not your images, please provide a link to the source. Thanks!)


Arnada neighborhood kiosk, Vancouver.

Woodlands Garden kiosk

Woodlands Garden kiosk, Atlanta.