imageAnimal’s Garden (community garden on the corner of Hudson and N. 4th) is taking new members for next season.

A note from Trish who manages the garden:

“Animals Garden is comprised of a group of gardeners who’s goal is to grow food, add beauty to the neighborhood & learn as we go together.

Our garden has existed since 2003 & is a communal, private garden in partnership with Quality Service Products business owner, “Animal” & garden members.

We have berries, perennial herbs & flowers, asparagus, hops & a large variety of heirloom vegetables, all grown chemical-free.

Our garden is looking for new garden members who are kind, want to work with & learn as a group, are excited to garden & are willing to work hard to keep our garden beautiful. Gardening experience a plus. We garden communally, so all bounty is shared. All members are required to meet weekly as a group, Sundays 12-3 & do what is needed seasonally throughout the week. Children & friendly pets are welcome with thoughtful supervision.

We garden each year Spring-early Fall, with Earth Day often being our first day. We’ve recently had transitions with several members moving & look forward to some new, fresh faces! Anyone interested can request to be added to “Animals Garden” on Facebook or email Trish Clark at”