SoHud Tree Mural 2.0 -- work in progress

The first community priming day was a success, though a somewhat soggy one. The old theatre building on Hudson Street which had been a graffiti magnet has begun its transformation. This image, taken by Eliza Ho of ALTernative, shows the artists working at night projecting and painting trees. The next two Saturdays, May 24 and May 31, from 10am-4pm will be community painting days where volunteers will join the artists to add more trees and animals to complete the mural.

**as I was writing this I found out that the artists working were robbed (10pm 5/20) — a hooded thief escaped by foot with a MacBook computer the artists were using for projections. Police were notified and are searching for the culprit, but I am unsure of what this will mean for our mural. Let us hope the thief is caught and the computer returned intact.