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Hi everyone –

We have a couple of submissions for Glen Echo’s neighborhood sign for Columbus 200. Click the following link (pdf would not preview) to see the first submission: Glen Echo Sign Idea 1. Sign idea #2 is shown below. Please provide feedback ASAP – design selections are due to the city tomorrow.


This has been making the rounds on the GENCA Facebook page – but just in case you didn’t hear, as part of the Columbus Bicentennial celebration, Glen Echo is getting new gateway signage – and you have a chance to design it and tell the city where to place the signs. Not bad, eh? With all the creative energy in Glen Echo, I’m expecting to see some good stuff. Submissions need to be ready by the next Glen Echo Neighbors meeting, so get crackin’. Design guidelines and other support documents are attached.

…is on your porches. See here what we couldn’t print – full color. Click here for the pdf. Happy reading.